In Vitro

  • Cell culture (vascular cells, hematopoietic cells,etc…)
  • In vitro models (proliferation, migration, chemotactism, cell tracking, angiogenesis, flux adhesion)
  • Biochemistry (WB, IP, pulldown)
  • Molecular Biology (Cloning, Promoter analysis, Double hybrid selection, transgenic mice)
  • Histology, immunohistology
  • Analysis (Fluorescence spectroscopy, Mass spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy)


  • White field and fluorescent microscopy
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Time lapse microscopy
  • Rapid film imaging
  • Perfusion imaging (laser Doppler)
  • Xray tomography
  • Infrared imaging

In Vivo

  • Transgenic mice
  • Mouse experimental models:
    • Angiogenesis (corneal angiogenesis, retina development)
    • Vessel diseases (atherosclerosis, vessel denudation, intimal thickening)
    • Ischemia (hind limb ischemia, heart infarction, brain ischemia)
    • Bonne marrow transplantation
  • Measurement of physiologic cardiovascular parameters
  • Pig experimental models:
    • Acute heart ischemia
    • Chronic heart ischemia
    • Ischemia-reperfusion


  • Pharmacology